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About our College

The Bankovni institut vysoká škola / College of Banking (BIVŠ) is the oldest private higher education institution in the Czech Republic. It dates back to 1990, when the market environment originated, and it was necessary to educate specialists from banking and financial sectors. At that time, as a part of the CNB (Czech National Bank), and now as an independent institution with accredited study programmes, it offers students a wide range of subjects, not only in the area of finance but also economics, management, IT, law and public administration. We also offer programmes such as commission broker and property valuation.

Besides courses in the Czech language, two programmes – banking management (Bc.) and Finance (Ing.) – are taught in English and Russian.
Other advantages of studying at BIVŠ are: 
  • wide range of study programmes
  • fully ACCREDITED study programmes in Czech, English and Russian
  • barrier-free access
  • high-quality lecturers (from public universities and working experience)
  • accommodation, social, welfare and special scholarships
  • modern environment and all classes under one roof 
  • restaurant in the premises
  • book services (own libraries, searching in international databases, library-to-library circulating system, etc.)
  • favorable price
  • meeting of students with leading economist and politicians
  • international environment
  • wide range of special textbooks written by our lecturers


Bankovní institut vysoká škola a.s. was founded on June 14th,1999, as means of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports № 2300/99. It became the first ever non-governmentally owned higher education institution in the Czech Republic. 

In 2001, COGNOS AG, a German holding company, specialized in training activities, decided to enter into partnership with BIVŠ and hence BIVŠ was then also the first non-governmentally owned Czech College having a foreign associate. 
BIVŠ’s goal is to create a professional modernized education system, by preparing students to the banking and finance business world. 
Current BIVŠ opened programs are the following:
Bachelor’s Degree programs with a concentration to be chosen from seven different areas in either daily or combined (less frequent but more intensive for working students) studies
Master’s Degree programs with Finance or Information Technology concentrations in either daily or combined studies
Continuing Education and re-qualification programs focused on the “combined” study of Banking, Information Technology, Property Valuation, and Certification approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.


Higher Education - Application form

Lifelong/Continuing Education

The sense of this form of studies is to acquire and deepen specialized knowledge needed for qualified performance of a profession. At our college it is organized in the following accredited fields:


Banking, Insurance Business, Information Technology

Further specializations of L/CE are directed into the following areas: Real Estate Property Valuation, Personal Property Valuation, Valuation of Businesses, Law and School Management, Labor Law and Employers


Conference and Educational Services

The Department of conference and educational services of the BICB offers comprehensive and systematically integrated set of educational programs and further activities. Our offer results from reality and from expected needs and wishes of banking and financial spheres’ clients as well as of central organs, state and public authorities, local governments, trading and production companies, and non-profit-making institutions’ needs etc.

Company Management

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Member of the Board and General manager 
Phone: +420 251 114 521






Dipl.-Kauf. Hermann Kögler
Member of the Board






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Rector of Banking Institute College
Phone: +420 251 114 521